What is Love Tales all about?

At Pets of the Homeless (POTH), our ‘Love Tales’ calendar is inspired by the idea that for so many of us, our pets are the love of our life. The calendar reflects our belief that pets bring companionship, support and, most importantly, great joy. Love Tales is designed to represent the human-animal bond in its purest form, speaking to the very heart of POTH’s Mission. This year, our calendar is dedicated to a celebration of our supporters because, without you and your generous contributions, our work would not be possible.


Why you should participate

A passion project like Pets of the Homeless is only as good as the people who support it. That’s why, in order for Love Tales to honour the people that sustain us, we need YOU! Join our calendar competition to find the faces that best tell the story of POTH’s supporters: who you are, and why you care.

Our work is built on the principle that the bond between a person and their pet is the same regardless of their situation in life. By participating in our calendar competition, you are supporting the right of all people to share the unconditional love of a companion animal.

Every entrant will come away with two gorgeous images of their pet and themselves, taken by a talented professional pet photographer. The twelve lucky winners, as selected by our discerning audience, will also feature in our 2018 Love Tales calendar, offering daily reflection on the unbreakable bond between people and pets.


How you can participate

  • Participants will pay a nominal fee of $65, with 50% of the proceeds being donated to support Pets Of The Homeless.
  • The outdoor photoshoot will take place over Saturday 7 October and Sunday 8 October 2017 from 10am to 7pm in the heart of St Kilda, where many vibrant locations are within easy walking distance.
  • After the shoot, the photographs will be uploaded to our website and voting will commence from the October 16 to 31, with the winner to be announced on November 1. The 12 pictures with the most votes will be featured in our 2018 calendar!

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more.


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